Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting this PIZZA thing down to a science!

I've been making pizzas from scratch as often as I can. I've probably made 15 or so pizzas in the past couple of months just trying to get the dough and sauce recipes perfected. My practice is making perfect. I feel like in the next few pizza "trials" I'll finally get everything exactly how I want it. Not to say any of the pizzas have been "not good" it's just they weren't PERFECT. I've been trying to emulate a Pizza Hut flavor profile and crust texture. I'm getting really close. The pizza crust is what I'm really trying to perfect. Dough has always been my nemesis.

Baking truly is an art. I've never been happy with my "dough" skills, but while working with these pizzas for a while, I feel like I've really started to "understand" what dough should look and feel like. I guess that's the biggest clue as to how it will turn out. I no longer add too much flour and get a tough crust. I just haven't quite gotten the flavor profile that I truly desire yet--but really close! The textures I'm getting are wonderful though. Fluffy, crunchy, tender! Yum! Isn't this a beauty? This was my last soon as I get the recipes the way I feel they should be I'm going to share it here. I just have to tell you, I tried some of the pre-packaged pizza doughs (where you just add water to the ingredients) from the store a few weeks ago just to see how good they were...YUCK! They tasted like cardboard. I'll never be able to go back from homemade pizza ever again!