Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogger's Choice Bundle Dilemma

Ok, so I entered some fabric choices for the Blogger's choice bundle contest at Quokka Quilts. This seemed right up my alley. I love fabrics and I want to become a quilter (hopefully soon--I just need to build up my nerve.) Anyway, I've entered this bundle which I narrowed down from 300+ of my favorite fabrics found in the Fat Quarter Shop. I thought I was in love with this finalized "bundle." Apparently, I missed some fabrics at FQS because I recently found some more that I really like. I was hoping if anyone stopped by they could weigh in...

Right now I've only switched out one fabric. The 4th fabric on the top-right. Should I make a change to the bundle? Or are there any fabric in this bundle that sticks out like a sore thumb? Which do you like better? Here's the original bundle (top) and new bundle (bottom):

Here are 2 mock blocks for the updated bundle just so I could get an idea of them in the same quilt:

1. Free Spirit Designer Solids Aqua Yardage SKU# S20-AQUA
2. Michael Miller Orange Cotton Couture Solid Yardage SKU# SC5333-ORAN-D
3. Stella Light Pink Solid Yardage SKU# STELLA-SOLID-LTPINK
4. Modernology Aqua Mod Vines Yardage SKU# MO-4809
4. (on new version) Bella Butterfly Aqua Medallions Yardage
5. Lark 54" Wide Sateen Charcoal Treasure Box Yardage SKU# SAAB002-CHARC
6. Decadence Orange Damask Yardage SKU# C2633-ORANGE
7. Modernology Sachet Impressions Yardage SKU# MO-3805
8. Soul Blossoms Organic Turquoise Peacock Feathers Yardage SKU# ORAB004-TURQU
9. Floral Folio Aqua Large Florals Yardage SKU# Y0817-33
10. Soul Blossoms Organic Lime Peel Night Tree Yardage SKU# ORAB002-LIMEP
11. Prince Charming Olive Snail Scallop Yardage SKU# TP11-OLIVE
12. Route 66 Black Highway Yardage SKU# 33344-3
13. Garden District 54" Wide Dove French Ribbon Yardage SKU# SAHB005-DOVEX
14. London Pink Wakefield Yardage SKU# PWDF118-PINKX 
15. Lark 54" Wide Sateen Cinder River Shine Yardage SKU# SAAB004-CINDE

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  1. These are some really pretty fabrics. My suggestion is that you might need one or two more "lights"...with the grouping, they feel to me like mostly medium values. In both collections the top right one... is a pretty good light. But, then, again it kind of matters how much is used in relation to size of block, etc.

    GREAT fabrics!



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