I've always been into art and crafts, from the time I was old enough to hold a paintbrush or a crayon. I come from a large family of artists and musicians--it just runs in my blood. Not only was I immersed in art from a young age, but music as well. I even played the clarinet in school, but it's not the only instrument I've played.

I love anything that involves using my hands to make something from scratch. I love "handmade." Isn't that a glorious word? It evokes a sense of home and love to me. There's nothing quite as nice as that. I've dabbled in so many artistic things including: drawing, painting, ceramics, beading, knitting, sewing, quilting, photography, scrapbooking (mostly digital though), wood burning, sculpture, baking and even candy-making when I can. Actually, that's not all I've dabbled in, but the list is quite long. I've also designed my own digital scrapbooking supplies which is just as fun as using them. Basically, if it's something that is craft related, I've either done it or I want to learn! 

I am a font designer. I'm in love with typography and letter forms as an art--it's a huge passion of mine. I have fonts into the 100's of thousands, which is why I also make my own. Not even that many fonts could quench my thirst!

I love vintage things, especially vintage clothing, sewing machines and patterns. I have 4 sewing machines, FYI. One of my most treasured vintage patterns is the pattern that my grandmother used to make my mother's prom dress back in the 70's. One day I will sew another garment using that pattern. 

The Beatles are my favorite band, it's sad they broke up many years before I was born, but what can you do? Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac are also on the top of the list for me, but I don't think anyone will ever surpass The Beatles in my mind.

My favorite holidays are Halloween & Christmas. I love them all year long! Let me decorate with pumpkin lanterns and Christmas lights and I'd be happy. 

That's about all I can think of. Please forgive me for this long, uninteresting biography.