Tuesday, February 14, 2012

K's Funky Handmade Apron

I love cooking and baking, my KitchenAid, aprons and all things handmade. So, a while ago I had a beautiful halter-style apron with ruffles made especially for me. My niece saw it and she desperately wanted one for herself. She loves to help in the kitchen. Being the aunt with the sewing machine, I desperately wanted to make one for her. I looked everywhere for a child's apron pattern that looked like I imagined in my mind. However, there were none--at least none that I could find. So, what did I do? I just decided to wing it! No pattern...I didn't even take her measurements! Why, you ask? Well, it was Christmas Eve when I decided with conviction that I wanted an apron to be her Christmas present because I couldn't wait 4 more months for her birthday. Why do I punish myself? Anyway, I worked all through the night and had it ready for her on Christmas morning. Thankfully, it all worked out with only a few minutes to spare. It may not be glamorous or made with the best fabrics (there's no way I was going to chance wasting my $9/yd fabrics!) but she loved it. I wish I had better pictures. My camera is old and sucky. If I find more pictures, I'll add them. I know they are around somewhere. Sorry, my computer's a mess.

P.S. The apron has asymmetrical ruffles...yes, that was on purpose!! I was trying to make it funky.


  1. Very cute!

    Stopping by from Quilt Story's link-up.


  2. What a great Auntie you are! Cute apron and she looks so happy to have it too! Thanks for visiting me today and for your compliment. I hope the rest of the blocks for the Chicken project can turn out half so well. :)
    ~ Lynda

  3. That's adorable -- much cuter than the other child's aprons I've seen!

  4. This is super cute and I bet she loves it!


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