Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homemade Trapper Keeper / Notebook Tote thingy

Good Morning,
I thought I'd post one of the things I've whipped up on the ol' sewing machine. It's my trapper keeper-esque notebook tote! It's made with Heather Bailey fabric. Gosh, I love her fabrics! I love this carrier and made it for myself, but it was recently "adopted" by my 9 year old niece. She feels so grown up with it. When I told her she could have it, she just pranced around carrying it. Gosh, I love kids... I told her no one else in the world will have one. Which is completely true, there may be something similar out there, but I made this out of my own need and the specifications are my own--no pattern used. It even has a little pencil/pen pocket on one side. I just measured, cut and sewed it up as best as I could. I'm no sewing expert, by any means--just a girl with a passion for handmade items, sewing and fabrics. So, I even surprised myself. I have not used many patterns--in fact, I can only think of one pattern I've used. It was for a shirt and it turned out really nice. I was proud of this little tote though. Even without a pattern, or a ton of sewing experience (I still classify myself as a beginner) it turned out looking quite professional. Or is that just my opinion? Ha! I will miss you tote, but I think K. will love you more and take good care of you.

This is the side with the velcro for opening it.
The inside view. Just a standard 3-ring binder inserted. Which is nice because you can wash this as needed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curve Master Presser Foot

Has anyone heard of the Curve Master presser foot? I stumbled upon a demo video on youtube and it instantly grabbed my attention. Being new to the world of quilting, this may make things easier starting out. Has anyone tried this? I'm seriously considering it. It is supposed to be almost magical, even going as far as saying it needs no pinning. I thought it was pretty neat. I may go for it and just see how it goes.

Here's the demo video:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogger's Choice Bundle Dilemma

Ok, so I entered some fabric choices for the Blogger's choice bundle contest at Quokka Quilts. This seemed right up my alley. I love fabrics and I want to become a quilter (hopefully soon--I just need to build up my nerve.) Anyway, I've entered this bundle which I narrowed down from 300+ of my favorite fabrics found in the Fat Quarter Shop. I thought I was in love with this finalized "bundle." Apparently, I missed some fabrics at FQS because I recently found some more that I really like. I was hoping if anyone stopped by they could weigh in...

Right now I've only switched out one fabric. The 4th fabric on the top-right. Should I make a change to the bundle? Or are there any fabric in this bundle that sticks out like a sore thumb? Which do you like better? Here's the original bundle (top) and new bundle (bottom):

Here are 2 mock blocks for the updated bundle just so I could get an idea of them in the same quilt:

1. Free Spirit Designer Solids Aqua Yardage SKU# S20-AQUA
2. Michael Miller Orange Cotton Couture Solid Yardage SKU# SC5333-ORAN-D
3. Stella Light Pink Solid Yardage SKU# STELLA-SOLID-LTPINK
4. Modernology Aqua Mod Vines Yardage SKU# MO-4809
4. (on new version) Bella Butterfly Aqua Medallions Yardage
5. Lark 54" Wide Sateen Charcoal Treasure Box Yardage SKU# SAAB002-CHARC
6. Decadence Orange Damask Yardage SKU# C2633-ORANGE
7. Modernology Sachet Impressions Yardage SKU# MO-3805
8. Soul Blossoms Organic Turquoise Peacock Feathers Yardage SKU# ORAB004-TURQU
9. Floral Folio Aqua Large Florals Yardage SKU# Y0817-33
10. Soul Blossoms Organic Lime Peel Night Tree Yardage SKU# ORAB002-LIMEP
11. Prince Charming Olive Snail Scallop Yardage SKU# TP11-OLIVE
12. Route 66 Black Highway Yardage SKU# 33344-3
13. Garden District 54" Wide Dove French Ribbon Yardage SKU# SAHB005-DOVEX
14. London Pink Wakefield Yardage SKU# PWDF118-PINKX 
15. Lark 54" Wide Sateen Cinder River Shine Yardage SKU# SAAB004-CINDE