Monday, March 26, 2012

Bundle inspired by my neice's watercolor painting

This is my first entry for a contest being held at I'm A Ginger Monkey. It was inspired by a watercolor painting my 4 year old niece painted. I really don't know how "conventional" this color scheme is, but I really loved it in her painting. I wish I could have found a few more purple fabrics at the shop, but right now there wasn't a huge selection that I liked. I still like how it turned out! The photo below the bundle is the inspiration. I do apologize for the terrible photo. See the little splotch of grey in there? It's mostly pink, purple and yellow, but I just loved that little splash of grey and that's why I included a touch of it in the bundle.

Bundle inspired by:


  1. Nice combo, and nothing "predictable" about it. It is hard to come up with these bundles - I am impressed!

  2. This is a lovely bundle and I really like the inspirational picture.

  3. I love your choice of fabrics and colors! That would make a darling quilt!


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